PreK 2 Go

PreK 2 Go


After more than two decades building environments of exploration, creativity, and learning in the classroom, and in accordance with our long-held commitment to the spread of our culture of thinking beyond the school, Edu1st Preschools has decided to amplify its focus on the home and extend its service to support you and your family while we are away from each other during this time of deep change and learning.


Edu1st.Pre-K 2 Go is a virtual early learning program for ages 0-5, designed to partner with parents in the creation of rich, stimulating experiences for children at home. Our method consists of two main strategies of delivery:

1.    Through the use of the latest technology and tools to recreate the classroom virtually and remotely.
2.    Through regular coaching, support, and an array of thought-provoking activities designed to empower parents to step away from the screen and explore learning with their kids in a fun and meaningful ways around the house. 

During class, and just as at school, we focus on sparking inquiry and curiosity in children by engaging them with provocative experiences that encourage classroom interaction, multi-sensory stimulation, scientific exploration, music, art, emotional intelligence, and deep critical thinking. 

As a companion to classroom learning, we also provide you with easy-to-set-up activities that target all areas of development and are meant to facilitate moments of fun and bonding with your child and family. These activities are designed to develop important brain functions and habits of mind such as creativity, problem solving, inquiry, exploration, empathy, and an innate love for life-long learning.

Our program is tailored made for busy parents and will fit into any family’s unique schedule and needs. It is age-specific, socially focused, and led by passionate early childhood education professionals that enjoy coaching you and spending time with your child.

Our program consists of: 


1. Daily Virtual Sessions: Over 20 weekly virtual sessions, which include:

  • Thinking and Beyond: Live, age-specific 30-minute interactive thinking, and learning sessions provided twice daily. They typically open with music, singing, and dancing, followed by a multi-sensory learning activity with objectives based on the developmental needs of the age.

2. Enrichment Classes: Live, age-specific interactive sessions offered by subject-matter experts to assure a holistic learning experience. At least one 30-minute session offered daily, they include: 

  • Music Exploration: Music education in the early years is crucial for the development of language, mathematical and creative skills. Enjoy this fun and interactive music education class designed to familiarize kids with multiple cultures and music concepts, and create important synapses in the brain. 
  • Mindful Yoga: This relaxing exercise session introduces your little one to the science and benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga - all crucial strategies when it comes to developing habits of balance, purpose, and physical health. 
  • Let's Move!: A fun and engaging opportunity to work on gross motor skills, burn some energy, and get moving! 
  • Martial Arts: Martial Arts improve stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance, and strength. It develops important life skills such as self-control, perseverance, dedication, hard work, teamwork, emotional intelligence, and the importance of maintaining personal relationships. Through fun and challenging exercises, Martial Arts engages children in learning a sport that goes way beyond just exercise to build both physical and mental grit, teaching life values and skills that will stay with them as they grow. 
  • Art Voyage: Colorful, messy, and sensory - a fun immersion into the exploration of famous artists, their stories, their inspirations, and art techniques.

3. Weekly Activity Booklet: Designed with those busy parents in mind, our Activity Booklet is sent weekly with 10 new “easy to set-up” VESS Curriculum activities for the home that cover all areas of your child’s development and promote deep thinking and exploration. You can do these fun activities at your own pace, based on your child’s unique schedule and interests. 

4. Weekly Private Progress Report Sessions: We understand that you are not an education professional, so we bring one to you. Our one-on-one progress sessions are conducted weekly between you and one of our educators to discuss your child’s progress, strategies for reaching potential milestones, and any idea, concern, or thought that comes to your mind.

5. Live Webinars and Q&A Sessions: Conducted weekly by subject-matter experts about topics related to early childhood and the “stay-home” experience, including positive discipline, nutrition, stress management, and brain development, to name a few. 

6. Private Facebook Groups: Our private FB groups connect you with fellow edu1st parents and our educators in order to build a community that shares ideas and provides resources particular to the needs of your child, and offers support. You can find recordings of all live classes and other resources for parents in the group. 

Ready to start? 
The early years are among the most important, but they’re also the quickest to go. Let us make the most out of this new learning experience so that you and your child can enjoy it together. 

Join in on the fun and leap into this new learning adventure with Edu1st.PreK 2 Go! 

We hope to connect with you soon!
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