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In Smart Beginners Preschool we care about your welfare and strive to provide tools that facilitate administrative processes, that is why we are excited to offer you the convenience of automatic tuition payments through Tuition Express. Tuition Express is a fully integrated payment processing solution developed by the Nation's Number One Selling Child Care Management System, Procare Software. Your payment will be safely and securely processed by Tuition Express, giving you peace of mind that your tuition has been paid on time. It's easy to enroll and even easier to participate.

We provide the following payment options:

Bank Account Debit

  • Download Tuition Express Enrollment Forms for Bank Account Debit

Download download pdf

Credit Card Payment

  • Download Tuition Express Enrollment Forms for Credit Card Payment

Download download pdf

Online Payment

To pay online click here:

Watch a tutorial video for instructions about how to pay on Tuition Express:


Front Desk Payment

Pay with cash, check or your credit card at First Steps' front desk.

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