Parent Involvement

At the very early stages of a child’s life, parents act as the first and greatest influence on their children’s development and education. Nonetheless, research shows that contact with other children and good quality care and education provided for children in their early years raises standards and enhances opportunities later.  -DFEE, UK. 1998-.





We want to be your partners in the process of raising your child.  In SBP, we understand that we are an extension of your home and we would like you to feel part of our school as well. Parents are encouraged to attend our coffee mornings and webinars created to provide parental guidance and a closer look at the education of the 21st Century.

Several activities, such as Mother, Father and Grandparents Day, Halloween Parade, Holiday Celebrations, parent-teacher conferences, monthly and weekly newsletters, and daily reports for younger children, have been designed to bring you closer to your child.

Open Doors

At our school, you are welcome to come and see your child anytime during the day and observe how your child is learning and interacting within the daily routine. The home school link, parental involvement, and parent- teacher communication are very important to us and highly encouraged.


There is a volunteer parental group that helps us with various activities during the week. Parents are always welcome to join in and bring new ideas. We encourage you to participate and volunteer in school activities. If you are interested in donating your time, please notify the Director or your child’s teacher and you will be asked to complete a volunteer form.

Volunteer Form:

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