Edu1st VESS Curriculum


"The world is facing very important and dramatic changes. We cannot continue teaching our youngsters as if we were living on the industrial age of the 19th century."

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Edu1st VESS is a bilingual curriculum approved for Florida’s School Readiness Programs.

The Edu1st VESS curriculum is an eclectic holistic approach to learning. Our curriculum takes into account and integrates the academic, social and emotional development of the child so that they may reach maturity in all these areas. VESS’ main objective is fostering in each child the thinking and life skills necessary to lead a Meaningful Life with Balance and Wisdom.

This curriculum combines all the fundamentals that children need during the most crucial neurological stage of their lives in order to endow each child with the necessary habits of mind and thinking and life skills to lead a good and productive live.

The VESS Curriculum responds to the needs of early childhood in a global society that faces a plethora of change, as well as social and environmental challenges.



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